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Dr. Bill Kolomyjec
Slava Ukraini #20

As an artist and an American of Ukrainian descent I abhor Putin's War against a free democracy. It offends me at a personal level. I created this Generative Art piece as an effort to show my solitary with the Ukrainian people, my people.

The background is the Ukrainian flag in its official RGB colors. The digitized trident symbolizes the Ukraine people. The middle trident is static and the largest, he is their leader. He is surrounded and supported by his people, both in peace (white) and in war (red.) In peace there is chaos (varying degrees of randomness affecting translation, scale and rotation). This is typical of people in a free society. In war there is true chaos, death and destruction brought on by an insane aggressor. The democracy of the Ukrainian people is being challenged yet they fight back, their resolve to be a free society holds them together.

All the proceeds made from the minting of this piece will be donated to the Ukrainian Victory effort and the relief of my people.

Slava Ukraini. Dr. Bill Kolomyjec


Slava Ukraini #20
Dr. Bill Kolomyjec
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Date Acquired:
April 4, 2022
Date Minted:
April 20, 2022
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Slava Ukraini #20
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